COVID-19 Updates / About Virtual Therapy

COVID-19 Procedures


  • COVID19 screening of incoming calls – In the past 14 days, have you:
    •  had a fever, cough, or shortness of breath?
    • come into contact with anyone that may have COVID-19 or similar symptoms?
    • traveled out of the country or Province/State?
  • A COVID19 screening online form will be sent 2 hours ahead of your scheduled appointment time.
  • You’ll be asked to wear appropriate clothing or, if required, bring a bag to put clothes in, if changing.
    • You’ll be asked to minimize personal items to what you can fit inside the bag.
  • You’ll be asked to come alone if possible, except in the case of minors (under 18), or those requiring special assistance.
  • You’ll be asked to bring a mask and wear it at all times inside the clinic;
    • If you do not have a mask, we will have them available for purchase ($2 per mask).

Appointment Time

  • Please arrive early, but wait outside, until you are called in;
    • If weather does not permit this, please enter the clinic where you will be directed to an appropriate location until your appointment time.
  • We’ll confirm completion of pre-screening, and ask you if anything has changed since you filled out the questionnaire.
  • We will check your temperature using a contactless infrared thermometer (pending arrival).
  • You’ll be asked to sanitize your hands.
  • You will be directed to a seat that will keep you socially distant from others.
  • Your therapist will look different in their medical grade mask (we hope you notice that we have been practicing smiling with our eyes).
  • Each time you use any of the clinic’s equipment during the session, you will again be asked to sanitize your hands.


  • Following your appointment you will be directed to the front desk, where:
    • your payment options will be
      1. Direct bill your primary insurance.
      2. Contactless debit or credit (under $100 if tap enabled).
      3. Pay securely online (over $100, and/or no tap enabled).
    • Your invoice will be emailed to you.
    • You will be asked to book your future appointment(s).
    • You will be asked to sanitize your hands prior to leaving.

Behind the Scenes

  • Our efforts to reduce traffic will include:
    1. Reducing practitioner availability to limit the number of patients at any given time.
    2. Appointment times will be staggered as best as we can
  • For your safety, we will be
    • Frequently cleaning using lysol wipes, and/or a diluted bleach solution
    • Placing cleaning logs in each room
    • Using paper towels instead of cloth towels
    • Using vinyl pillow covers (pending arrival)
    • Placing sanitizing stations throughout the clinic
    • Installing a plexiglass barrier at the front desk (pending arrival)
  • Non-patient contact tracing
  • Have a larger garbage receptacle in the bathroom (i.e. more paper towels), and we will place a garbage receptacle outside of the clinic to dispose of your masks and/or gloves.
  • Our practitioners will be screened and their temperatures will be taken daily.
  • We will be contact-tracing all non-patients who enter the clinic

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