Relaxation Massage Oakville, ON

Relaxation Massage

As an athlete, or someone who participates in athletic activities, you already know that you’ve got to maintain optimal health if you want to keep participating in the activity you love. Relaxation massage therapy with a registered massage therapist is a big part of that, especially when you’re recovering from an injury. One of the main parts of a good therapy regimen after an injury involves relaxation. Book an appointment now at Leaps and Bounds: Performance Rehabilitation and get the relaxation massage you deserve!

Benefits of relaxation massage

Muscle relaxation of course! 

While muscle relaxation is the best-known benefit of relaxation massage; it takes on a whole new importance for someone after an athletic event. Muscle soreness, tightness and pain are all things that you expect as a result of an intense performance — but the good news is that you can greatly decrease these issues with regular relaxation massages. Even after you’ve completed a therapy program following an injury, you might benefit from regular massages with your massage therapist.

If you’re looking for noninvasive solutions for pain and injury in Oakville, ON or if you just want to be the best athlete you can be, book an appointment with one of our massage therapists and get started today!