Mental Performance Consulting Oakville, ON

Mental Performance Consulting

What is a Mental Performance Consultation?

Mental performance evaluation is an interdisciplinary science which focuses on the athlete’s mental processes as opposed to their physical skills and abilities. A mental performance consultant is an expert in many related fields, including biomechanics, physiology, kinesiology and psychology and uses this knowledge to help both professional and amateur athletes achieve their goals. In short, an evaluation looks at how psychological elements are affecting physical performance as well as how participating in sports can affect a person’s psychologically. This in turn can assist athletes recovery from injury and improve overall performance by removing or alleviating any psychological barriers. A mental performance consultant can be of use at any time helping their clients develop a comprehensive plan coupled with specific strategies tailored to meeting their individual goals which are influenced by their age, level and sport.

Mental performance consultants use empirically derived techniques and strategies to create a plan unique to their client’s needs. Their services can help:

  • Deal with pressures and stress by understanding them and regulating your responses
  • Build confidence
  • Improve concentration and attention span
  • Build motivation and goal setting skills
  • Develop pre-performance routines to improve mindset
  • Help rehabilitate and return to activity following an injury
  • Teach performance enhancing techniques such as visualization, self-talk and relaxation strategies
  • Help the experience of pain during the recovery process
  • Offer parent consultations

Our dedicated mental performance consultant, Onika Green, is an important asset to the rehabilitation of our injured athletes here at Leaps and Bounds: Performance Rehabilitation.  Her scope extends beyond the athletic playing field.  So if you or someone you know needs help in any aspect of mental performance and how it relates to school, the workplace, or life in general, then give us a call.

For any questions related to mental performance consulting at Leaps and Bounds: Performance Rehabilitation, feel free to contact us today.