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Category: Dance Injuries

Derek E.

Oct7th 2020

I took my daughter to Leaps and Bounds. When we walked in, it was almost like we had gone to visit friends. She was treated with impeccable care and within 2-3 treatments was back on her feet. If you are a dancer, there is no one better than Carolina to get you back on your feet. It is nice to know if (and when) injuries happen, we have found the right rehabilitation centre. I strongly recommend them.

Sep25th 2020

Michael O.

My 14yo daughter is working with Carolina to address a dance-related injury, and we are thrilled to have found her. She has guided us through numerous stretches and exercises over the past several months, and her work has proven so helpful both for her initial injury and ongoing dance practice

Alison W.

Sep25th 2020

My daughter was a competitive dancer with an ankle and hip issue, and Carol's expertise in dance, the turnout boards, and the dancer-specific treatment were amazing - such great support to have as a dance mom!