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Category: Elbow/Wrist/Hand

Sherry P.

Oct7th 2020

Back in January started having trouble with the tendon between my thumb and wrist bone on my right hand. Booked an apt to see Pat after attending their one-year anniversary party. When he asked me to take a leap of faith and then gave me neck exercises after running a battery of tests on my wrist, was not really surprised as I was already certain that the wrist pain was a symptom of something else going on. Gave me a series of neck exercises, and now I am now experiencing no pain as long as I keep up with the exercises.

Don A.

Oct7th 2020

Very quickly diagnosed the cause and treatment for a nagging thumb injury. Well done and highly recommended!

Rob B.

Sep25th 2020

One word: Anthony. He knows what he's doing. Solid Physiotherapist. I've been seeing him for physio on my elbow(3 years after surgery.) After my first visit, I had already felt a difference in how my elbow felt. He's been teaching me effective ways to manage my discomfort when it happens to flare up.