COVID-19 Updates / About Virtual Therapy

Category: Hip/Knee

Jocelyn C.

Oct7th 2020

Pat has worked wonders with my daughter, getting her through a tricky hip injury without derailing her whole skating season. And the virtual treatment option that Leaps & Bounds is offering during COVID-19 is so effective and professional!

Gordon I.

Oct7th 2020

After eight months of trying to recover on my own from hip surgery without much progress, my doctor recommended some physio to try to improve my condition. Starting in December, until the pandemic in March, I attended weekly sessions with Anthony Pinto Da Costa. He was able to help me so much in that short time to where I was about 99% back to normal. He should get a "6 star" rating. Highly recommended.

Holly O.

Oct7th 2020

Today I ran 1.5 miles. Not a marathon by any means, but I’ve had other physiotherapists tell me I’d never be able to run again. I went to see Pat about chronic hip pain, and during treatment, he was able to address not only that but pelvic issues I was struggling with. He has set reasonable goals and made adjustments along the way as needed. Both he and the clinic staff are very professional and I feel very safe going there. I highly recommend!