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Category: Sports Injuries

Andrew P.

Oct7th 2020

I worked closely with Pat over the fall and winter in hopes to rehab my rotator cuff injury and get back on the baseball diamond. After a few sessions, Pat sent me home with a number of exercises to work on over the winter. I'm back to playing baseball and largely because of the great treatment I received from Pat!

Jessica S.

Oct7th 2020

Pat was wonderful with my nine-year-old gymnast who was experiencing ankle pain. He has a great rapport with kids and explained the exercises very clearly to her. Dahlia now thinks physio is fun and even though she is pain-free she keeps asking when she can go back!

Jocelyn C.

Oct7th 2020

Pat has worked wonders with my daughter, getting her through a tricky hip injury without derailing her whole skating season. And the virtual treatment option that Leaps & Bounds is offering during COVID-19 is so effective and professional!