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Darryl H.

Sep25th 2020

For a long time, I was living with terrible back pain. I finally decided to go to seek treatment. I was with this chiropractor for six months with zero results. A friend finally persuaded me to go see Pat. In just one session Pat was able to diagnose me days before my MRI was scheduled, and I wish that I had seen him long before. Unfortunately, my disc herniation was so severe that the only course of action left was surgery. I did however continue to see Pat for treatment in my post-surgery rehab. He had me back on my feet doing most of my favorite activities within six weeks! Best I had ever felt. I continue to see Pat whenever something doesn’t feel right with my back or at the first sign of any twinge of pain. He is always able to correct the issue and remind me of any exercises I should be doing. I highly recommend Pat. Don’t wait!! See him sooner rather than later!