Hip Pain Relief Oakville, ON

Hip Pain Relief

Jocelyn C.

Pat has worked wonders with my daughter, getting her through a tricky hip injury without derailing her whole skating season. And the virtual treatment option that Leaps & Bounds is offering during COVID-19 is so effective and professional!

Gordon I.

After eight months of trying to recover on my own from hip surgery without much progress, my doctor recommended some physio to try to improve my condition. Starting in December, until the pandemic in March, I attended weekly sessions with Anthony Pinto Da Costa. He was able to help me so much in that short time to where I was about 99% back to normal. He should get a "6 star" rating. Highly recommended.

Holly O.

Today I ran 1.5 miles. Not a marathon by any means, but I’ve had other physiotherapists tell me I’d never be able to run again. I went to see Pat about chronic hip pain, and during treatment, he was able to address not only that but pelvic issues I was struggling with. He has set reasonable goals and made adjustments along the way as needed. Both he and the clinic staff are very professional and I feel very safe going there. I highly recommend!

Leen G.

My experience with Carolina was very satisfying. She was very knowledgeable and helped me a lot in reducing the pain I was feeling in my hip. I felt at ease and appreciated the positive vibe in the clinic.

Your Hips Don’t Lie…Or Do They? Your Questions About Hip Pain, Answered

Hip pain can seriously interfere with your life, especially when it makes it difficult to get up in the mornings, move about during the day, and lie back down at night? If you’re experiencing hip pain, physiotherapy and chiropractic care can help get to the root of your problem safely and comfortably. So book an appointment with Leaps and Bounds: Performance Rehabilitation to relieve your hip pain and spare you the need for potentially harmful medication or surgical correction.

How will physiotherapy and chiropractic care help me with my hip pain?

The physiotherapy and chiropractic treatments at Leaps and Bounds: Performance Rehabilitation can help to greatly reduce your hip pain. Our Oakville, ON physiotherapists and chiropractor will examine your hip to get to the root of the problem.  In many cases, problems at your back, and to a lesser extent your knee, can be causing pain at your hips.  Alternatively, structural damage at your hip, or other tissue sensitivity may be contributors to hip pain. In most cases, our physiotherapists and chiropractor can relieve your pain altogether, sparing you the need for potentially harmful medication or surgical correction.

During your physical exam, your therapist will move your back and hip, assess your stance, posture, gait, and range of motion, and check for structural damage using special orthopedic tests. Once complete, your physiotherapist or chiropractor will prescribe a plan for you that will focus on quick pain relief and other symptom modification through the application of one or more of specific movements, manual techniques, therapeutic modalities like acupuncture, and advice specific to your case. Afterward, recovery of function becomes important, and it will involve your physiotherapist or chiropractor expanding your treatment plan to include strengthening of your hip and surrounding muscle groups, as well as gradual (re-) exposure to your activity, and eventually back to living life comfortably.

What should I know about hip pain?

In a large proportion of people with hip pain (as high as 70%), the lower back may be the source of origin, and it should be screened first.  Once the spine is cleared, your therapist will rule in or out typical conditions to the joint, like arthritis or degenerative joint disease and  labral tears, or soft tissues surrounding the joint, like tendinitis, bursitis, or muscle strains.

So, what’s causing my hip pain?

Your hip is a ball-and-socket joint that works to support the weight of your upper body, relying on multiple muscles and tissues to keep it mobile and stable, at the same time, so it can function properly. Proper movement of both your hips and knees allows complicated motions giving you the ability to stand, walk, run, and dance without falling over.

Pain felt in the hips may originate in the joint itself, or it may also be a result of an underlying condition in another part of the body. For example, your lower back, hips and knees are part of the same kinetic chain, meaning they make up a combination of weight-bearing joints that must function together in harmony in order for your body to function properly. Therefore, a problem with your back or knee joint may transmit abnormal forces to your hips, and vice versa. If one part of the kinetic chain is out of balance, stress or strain may be placed on another.

Relieve your hip pain today

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It is time to take a stand against your hip pain – get started on the path toward long-lasting pain-free function today! Your hips will be glad you did.