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May10th 2021

Joint Pain Can Cause Hindrances to Your Daily Life – We Can Help

Living with Joint Pain? Consult with a Physiotherapist or Chiropractor Do you have more trouble getting around during the day than you once did? Are you having trouble keeping up with the basic demands of your job? Do you look for excuses to withdraw from some of your favourite activities simply because it hurts to

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Apr20th 2021

Stand up to your back pain! Physiotherapy can help relieve chronic low back pain

Got low back pain? Then get a physiotherapy referral! Physiotherapy is a leading profession involved in the diagnosis and treatment of low back pain. In fact, according to the Canadian Physiotherapy Association, back pain is the most commonly reported pain across the nation, and four out of five Canadians have experienced back pain in their lifetime.

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Apr10th 2021

Living With Achy Hips and Knees? Kick Your Pain to the Curb.

Find the Relief You Need with the Help of a Physiotherapist or Chiropractor! Are your hips and knees in pain when you wake up? Do you have hip and knee pain when you go to bed? Are the activities you do between sunrise and sunset impacted by chronic hip and knee pain? You don’t have

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