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hip and knee pain relief Jan20th 2021

Hip and Knee Pain Relief with Physical Therapy

Pain felt in the hips or knee may originate in the joint itself, or it may also be a result of an underlying condition in another part of the body. For example, your lower back, hips and knees are part of the same kinetic chain, meaning they make up a combination of weight-bearing joints that

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pain meds Dec20th 2020

Constantly Needing Your Pain Meds Refilled? Talk to Your Doctor About How Physiotherapy Can Help You Ditch the Opioids!

Don’t Go Through Bottles of Pills — Go to Physiotherapy Another day, another trip to the pharmacy. This is the treadmill that many chronic pain sufferers find themselves walking, month after month and year after year. Prescription pain medications can only do so much to keep your suffering at bay — and in the case

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chronic joint pain Nov10th 2020

Frustrated by your chronic joint pain? See how physiotherapy or chiropractic care can help relieve arthritis pain.

According to the latest statistics on chronic joint pain from the Arthritis Society of Canada, an estimated 6 million Canadian adults have been diagnosed with arthritis—about 1 in 5 people.  Types of Arthritis There are many types of arthritis, with osteoarthritis being the most common. It was previously thought that arthritis occurs when the cartilage

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