Stand up to your back pain! Physiotherapy can help relieve chronic low back pain

Apr20th 2021

Got low back pain? Then get a physiotherapy referral!

Physiotherapy is a leading profession involved in the diagnosis and treatment of low back pain. In fact, according to the Canadian Physiotherapy Association, back pain is the most commonly reported pain across the nation, and four out of five Canadians have experienced back pain in their lifetime. Researchers in our field have even developed concise and comprehensive practice guidelines to help therapists manage this condition in their patients.

Keep reading to learn how physiotherapy can help you find meaningful relief from your lower back pain!

1.Many known risk factors for low back pain are preventable—a physiotherapist can help you modify these.

Low back pain is so common that most people will have it at least once in a lifetime. It’s not always clear what triggers back pain in the first place, and most experts agree that there are usually multiple issues at play, including activity level, occupation, age, family and medical history, the presence of other health conditions like smoking, obesity, and diabetes. Additionally, external factors like job stress, or stress to perform in your sport can contribute to back pain. So it’s important to keep that in mind and be open to strategies managing these factors.

A physiotherapist can work with you to help you identify and modify your preventable risk factors. For example, prolonged postures and positions like sitting or standing are correlated with lower back pain. By helping you control your pain and improve your physical function and ergonomic environments, a physiotherapist makes it easier for you to increase your physical activity level and minimize the amount of time you spend in these positions.

2. A physiotherapist can design customized treatment plans that can relieve and resolve your condition.

Based on best practice guidelines, a person presenting with low back pain can be classified into one of several distinct treatment categories, based on a thorough examination. This type of systematic categorization is cost-effective and beneficial since it helps patients receive services specifically designed for their needs.

Thanks to their extensive training, a physiotherapist can skillfully rule out nefarious conditions that would warrant a visit back to your doctor.  In their absence, the treatment plan that the physiotherapist sets up for you will depend on your perceptions and experience with low back pain, as much as it does the nature of the back pain itself.  The status of your back pain as acute (recent onset) or chronic (onset of three months or longer) plays a big role in the beliefs, experience, and management of low back pain. It is important to note that your therapist will consider all these things in conjunction with the physical examination when putting together your plan of care

If underlying issues aren’t addressed in your treatment plan, then your issue is likely to recur! By addressing and then systematically managing these issues with personalized treatment based on research, a physiotherapist can alleviate your symptoms and reduce your likelihood of chronic suffering.

3. Treatments provided by a physiotherapist are drug-free, non-invasive, and safe for all ages.

The risk for low back pain tends to increase with age, but people of all ages can struggle with this broad condition. Fortunately, physiotherapy services that are proven effective for low back pain—including pa,tient education, exercise and manual therapy—are safe and appropriate for folks from all walks of life. If a specific service is contraindicated for you, your physiotherapist can deliver plenty of other treatments to support your healing.

Lastly, physiotherapists are experts at identifying how low back pain limits a person’s participation in daily activities, and how these limitations can be resolved or compensated for. After all, your progress outside the clinic matters even more than your progress inside the clinic! Contact us at Leaps & Bounds Rehab today and our physiotherapy team always looks for the bigger picture of your condition and will help you modify your daily tasks in a way that will make you feel successful, safe, and confident.

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